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Watches aren't just your ordinary accessory — they are an identity and a game-changing time-telling tool. That's why wristwatches have been one of the most prevalent accessories throughout history. Plus, they make great gifts!


If you're still not convinced, here are more reasons why you should buy a watch online in Malta — and considerations to make before buying one. 


Why a watch?

Watches Are More Convenient

Remember that smartphones don't make a person punctual — wristwatches do. It's the most convenient and stylish way to tell the time. Plus, glancing towards your wrist is an easier way to keep tabs on time during a meeting or on commute. Not to mention how rude it is to your peers if you pulled out your smartphone during a conversation to check the time. 


A Watch is Functional

A significant advantage of having a watch over a smartphone is how long it can operate. Most wristwatches are designed to either be self-powered through sunlight, motion or from a battery, giving anyone years of maintenance-free time compared to a smart phone's battery life of 8 to 24 hours at most. 


Watches Make Great Heirlooms

Watches make some of the most iconic and appreciated heirlooms. Old wristwatches carry a lot of history, story, and value, fueling the reason why collecting vintage watches has skyrocketed in popularity recently. Even if you don't get a vintage watch right off the bat, getting one and maintaining it so you can pass it on through generations is a great way to tell and pass on your story to your family. 


Things to Consider Before Buying A Watch

Now that you know getting a watch is one of the best decisions you can make, here are considerations you need to make before buying one to ensure you get the best timepiece suited for you. 



The number one consideration you need to make before buying any watch is budget. Ask yourself, how much money are you willing to spend on a timepiece? It helps you narrow down your choices without breaking the bank. However, remember that not all the best watches are sold for steep prices, many quality timepieces function just as well as a high-end piece for a smaller price tag.  


Digital or Analogue?

Digital and analogue watches rely on different mechanisms to power a timepiece. An analogue wristwatch utilises several parts to make ticking motions to move the hands on its dial. In contrast, its digital counterpart relies on electrical structures to power its screen and display the time. If you're looking for a more 'modern' piece, go digital, but if you want to stick to traditions, analogue is the best choice. 


Watch Movement

The watch movement is the 'life' of a timepiece itself. There are three main movements, including mechanical, automatic, and quartz. Mechanical movements are traditional movements, using springs and cogs to move the watch where you need to wind it regularly. Automatic or self-winding watches use natural motions of the wearer, powering them up. Lastly, the quartz movement is the most common, offering greater accuracy at a low price tag. 




Watches have evolved from simple time-telling accessories to wearable works of art. However, before buying one, remember to make the considerations mentioned to get the piece for yourself or loved one. If you're looking for reputable sellers in Malta, DealToday is an excellent site to get the best deals on authentic watches.