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Beauty routine or skincare regimen — whatever you call it, how you treat your body matters. The products you use can drastically affect your overall appearance down the road. If you're looking to look your best till your golden years and retire in Malta, you need to use the right beauty products for the best results. 


Whether you're a man or woman, here are some essential beauty products you need to have to ensure your best look short- and long-term. 


Sun Lotion 

Using sun lotion daily is crucial in maintaining optimal skin health. It protects your skin against sun damage from UV rays that can lead to skin cancer. By applying this beauty product every day, it cuts your risk of developing skin cancer in half. Plus, it's a great anti-ageing product, protecting you from harmful UV rays while ensuring a youthful look long-term. Make it a habit to use the product every day, even if you're not going to the beach using sunscreen for lasting healthy and plump skin. 


Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoos use alcohol- or starch-based active ingredients to soak up the oils and sweat from a person's hair, making your locks cleaner and smell better. This beauty product allows you to style your hair without any washing, making it perfect for hectic days, giving you a great hair day no matter what. Plus it prevents your hair from becoming too dry, leaving you with shiny styled locks every time. 


Rechargeable Electric Shaver 

Electric shavers tend to remove hair away faster and efficiently than manual razors—these roll up the skin, which forces hair up before shaving them off. This factor can reduce cuts, nicks, and ingrown hair, leaving you with smooth and hair-free skin. 


Beard Conditioner

Every luscious beard needs proper maintenance, and a beard conditioner is a must-have. These are moisturizing wash-out treatments specially formulated for facial hair. It can nourish the skin and hair while locking in moisture, resulting in a healthier and comfortable beard or moustache. 


Blackhead Facial Cleanser

An issue that both men and women face is dealing with blackheads, which often results in outbreaks. Electric blackhead facial cleansers can address this problem by efficiently removing dirt, grease, and dead skin from your face, through suctioning. This method allows you to remove even the most stubborn blackheads around your face, including your face's T-zone (nose-forehead) — where blackheads are common. 


Electric Ear Cleaner 

Traditional cotton buds are becoming a massive problem in the world, with them causing so much environmental pollution worldwide. A great solution to this is electric and reusable ear cleaners, helping you clean your ears with a single press of a button. All you need to do is clean its silicone tips after each use, ensuring clean ears and surroundings. 



The beauty products in Malta mentioned are just some essentials you need to have to ensure you look your best long-term. If you're looking for the best beauty products, DealToday is the best choice — giving you quality goods and the best deals in Malta, ensuring your best looks at minimal expenses.