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Many pet owners in Malta consider their animal companions to be family. In fact, according to a pet survey conducted by a local media outlet, more than 54.9% of Maltese people have a pet at home, with dogs as the most popular pets, followed by cats and birds. If you're one of those many proud pet owners, what better way to show your love and appreciation for them than getting them pet accessories? These make them more comfortable, happy and strut in style. 


If you're looking for the best pet accessories to get for your pet — here are the most popular ones in Malta.


Dog Lead with LED

If you have a dog, you're likely more than familiar with the struggles of walking them with a leash. Traditional leashes can be uncomfortable for your pup and hard for the pet owner to handle. A fun and safe alternative for this is getting them a LED dog lead. This unique leash shows you where your dog is at all times while letting them roam around safely. Plus, it illuminates a dog's way, enabling passing traffic to see them, keeping them safe. 


Pet Clothes

Pet clothing not only makes your cat or dog extra stylish but also offers several advantages indoors. For instance, for itchy pets or dogs and cats with allergies, a stylish yet functional pet shirt can protect their skin, effectively reducing chewing, licking, and scratching — keeping them healthier and happier in style. 


Pet Bag Dispenser

Poop bags are a crucial pet accessory that every pet owner needs, especially for dog owners who often walk their furry friends. Unless you're on your property, it's typically a legal requirement in Europe to pick up after your dog. Besides following the law, picking up pet waste is a good practice as it's one of the leading causes of pollution at dog parks and beaches, where people like to take their dog for a walk. Having a pet bag dispenser makes the process easier for you, allowing you to pick up pet waste swiftly. 


Electric Pet Nail File

Trimming your pet's nails, whether you have a dog or cat, is an essential grooming task you should routinely do to keep them happy and healthy. When you don't trim your pet's nails, they can end up growing too long, causing problems over time. Although you can use traditional pet nail clippers, you can streamline the process with an electric pet nail file, allowing you to keep your pet's nails short and healthy without much effort. 


Dog Muzzle 

If your dog may bite or get aggressive or reactive, you need to consider buying a muzzle for your dog and train them to use it. Besides preventing bites, it can help make your furry friend stay calmer, allowing you both to walk around with confidence and peace of mind. However, ensure you train them properly and not force them to wear it as it can make aggression worse if misused. 




Whether you're adopting a new cat or celebrating your dog's birthday, getting them pet accessories is a simple way to show that you appreciate and love them. If you want to get the best quality accessories for your companion in Malta, DealToday is your best bet. Pet accessories on DealToday can address your pet's needs efficiently, making them happier and more stylish.