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Technology is progressing, and electronics are becoming the 'norm' with most individuals today having gadgets that can't seem to leave home without them. You likely have a smartphone with you wherever you go, but that's not to say you can't get any more conveniences. 


If you're searching for the electronic gadgets in Malta, here are some of the most popular gadgets people are raving about in Malta.


Wireless Earbuds

Wireless earbuds or headphones have spiked in popularity in recent years thanks to Apple introducing its iconic 'AirPods.' These speciality headphones can connect to several devices, including smartphones, stereo speakers, televisions, gaming consoles, computers, and other devices. If you often travel or like to go for a run every day, wireless earbuds are a great choice to have along your side. The absence of wires provides a better range of motion and connectivity to various devices. It gives you the convenience of enjoying your favourite tunes in style.



A smartwatch is an innovative digital watch that goes beyond its original 'timekeeping' function. This device functions as a smartphone, boasting a touchscreen display, allowing you to perform actions by tapping and swiping the screen. The newest smartwatches include several apps similar to those you have on your phones or tablets. When you invest in a smartwatch, you're freeing yourself from continually having to check your phone for the time or possible reminders. Plus it lets you receive and reply to calls and messages on the go, making it ideal for active individuals or elderly people looking for better assistance. 


Gaming Headsets

Gaming headphones are a branch of headsets designed to allow users to hear audio and virtual surround sound for a better gaming experience. Most gaming headsets have removable or built-in retractable microphones that enable you to talk to your friends while playing multiplayer games. Although these tend to be expensive, the right ones usually give you the most for your money, submerging you deeply in the sounds of the game while making directional audio cues like footsteps clearer. 


Bluetooth Speakers

Wireless speakers receive sounds and tunes wirelessly through Bluetooth, earning its more popular name 'Bluetooth speakers.' These innovative speakers can bring full range audio into any room inside your home at minimal costs and without taking too much space. It's a versatile speaker that anyone can own, allowing you to play your favourite tunes any time and place of the day as long as you got it charged and your phone by your side at all times. 


Electric Scooters

Electric scooters have become a symbol of modern urban transports, and you can see them in different cities across Malta. They're cheaper to operate than your conventional fuel-based scooters and bikes — and are environmentally friendly. You can never go wrong with an electric scooter, so instead of hopping in your car for quick errands, go for an electric scooter.


Final Thoughts


Whether you like it or not, technology is here to stay, and it's rapidly growing. You can buy any of the devices mentioned in any gadget retail store in Malta or go online on reliable sites like DealToday, allowing you to stay current with the latest tech — making life more convenient and high tech.