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In Malta, there are over 187,000 households, of which 34% of this figure are homes with children. If you're one of the many Maltese parents today, finding the right gift for your child, whether it's for their birthday or the holidays can be a daunting task. Buying toys can be an overwhelming task for any parent, especially when your kid grows up too fast. 


To help you out, here are some of the age-appropriate toys in Malta you can get for your child — and the benefits of buying them online. 



For the first few months, a baby can't do much more than observe their surroundings since their vision is still blurry, they see bright or boldly patterned things the best. As a baby grows, they'll enjoy toys that stimulate their other senses. For babies 0 months to 12 months, it's best to use interactive toys. The best toys for babies include rattles, unbreakable mirrors, floor gyms, bright-colouredcrib mobiles, and soft, washable, and colourful stuffed toys. 



For children older than two years old, they experience a significant trend in their learning abilities at this age, and it's a great time to introduce them to interactive educational toys. The best toys for kids in this age range include electronic phonic toys, puzzles, action figures or barbies, and simple board games. 


Eight Years Old to Tween Years

Kids at this age are where they typically acquire adult-like interests, abilities, and hobbies. It's the age range where kids gain a sense of mastery and competence, making toys that they can play with friends a great choice. These include computers or video games, science kits, craft kits, sporting equipment, and more complex board games. 


Why Buy Toys Online

Although you can buy toys at physical stores, buying them online is just a tad bit better, and here are just some of the reasons why: 


Better Deals Online

Online stores like DealToday offer the best online deals on quality toys at relatively affordable prices. That's because they typically have lesser overheads than physical stores, giving them a chance to offer top-quality toys at minimal costs. 



In today's fast-paced world, one thing that many consumers seek is convenient shopping and looking for toys can be a lengthy and challenging process in-stores — from dealing with aggressive salespeople to waiting in long queues. Shopping online gives you the convenience of just clicking a few tabs and scrolling to look at toys in the comfort of your home. 


No Crowds

Nobody likes waiting in long lines or dealing with crowds as it often wastes your time and effort. If you want to be free from these, it's best to go toy shopping online, saving you time and from large crowds, especially during the holidays. 




Whether you're getting gifts for your child's birthday or Christmas, it's never too late to get a jump start on getting the coolest gifts. With the help of the toy buying guide mentioned — you're one step closer to giving the best gift possible for your kids. You can find the coolest toys in Malta at DealToday, giving you great deals on quality toys for children at any age.