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Every home's kitchen is a place of refuge, experimentation, and good food. It's the heart and soul of any household. If you love cooking, there's no doubt you have a kitchen gadget or two in hand. While standard kitchen utensils will always come in handy, some lesser-known kitchen products can help you make authentic Maltese food at home with ease. 


From a deep pan with handles to help you make traditional Maltese dishes like Bragioli (beef olives) to a coffee capsule machine that lets you make fresh brews at home — here are the best kitchen gadgets every home cook in Malta needs. 


Deep Pan with Handles

For dishes like traditional Maltese rabbit stew or pot roasts, you'll need to have reliable cookware in your kitchen. You can streamline the cooking process by investing in a deep pan to cook your favourite elaborate meals like stew and roasts easier. Its higher edges allow the heat to spread more evenly across the meal, giving you decadent meals that everyone in the family would surely enjoy. 


Beer Tap 

Europeans love their beer, and Maltese people are no different. If you're looking for a fun way to serve beer to your guests at parties or make your Cisk lager drinking session more convenient in your kitchen, it's best to invest in this beer tap. A compact beer tap is ideal for any celebrations or drinking sessions at home, using ultrasound waves to transform the natural carbonation of your favourite beer into decadent foam enriching the brew's aroma, texture, and flavour. 


Knife Sharpener

Make cooking at home easy and convenient with a manual knife sharpener. This kitchen tool is essential for any home, allowing you to cut meat and produce with ease. It can polish and sharpen different kitchen knives, from those with smooth blades to serrated blades. They're simple to use and can help you achieve coarse or fine sharpening, resulting in a professional finish that extends the life of your kitchen knives. 



Lampuki pie or fish pie is a traditional Maltese staple, and who doesn't like enjoying a hot slice of protein-packed pie? These are relatively complicated to make, but with a mincer, you can speed up and uncomplicate the process. It's an essential kitchen gadget that every dedicated home cook needs. This device simplifies the process of mincing raw or cooked meat, fish, and vegetable, giving you even minced ingredients perfect for filling pies and other pastries with the press of a button. 


Capsule Coffee Machine

If you love your coffee and want to streamline the brewing process to make your morning cups quicker, investing in a capsule coffee machine for your kitchen is a great choice. These are typically cheaper than bulky espresso machines. Moreover, it frees you from dealing with messy coffee grounds on your kitchen counter thanks to its pod system. It uses pre-packaged and portioned coffee pods, letting you brew delicious barista-like brews at home at minimal costs.


Final thoughts


Whether you're planning on constructing a new kitchen or want to buy new items to update your current one, the gadgets mentioned can make home cooking more fun and convenient. If you're looking for quality kitchen gadgets in Malta, grab the best deals at DealToday — Malta's one-stop site for quality kitchen products at the lowest prices.